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Breathe More Stress Less

Tuesdays 8pm to 9.30pm .... 3 weeks for €50

Set 1 ~~ 7th, 14th & 21st MARCH 2023

Set 2 ~~ 4th, 11th & 18th APRIL 2023

Online 3-week courses ~ Exploring the breath


How will we do this?

Each week we will explore three elements of our breathing...

** Breath Awareness ~ using simple guided exercises you will learn to be the observer of your breathing. Mindfulness of each  inhale and exhale.

** Breath Regulation ~ taking soft control of your breath by counting as you breathe, lengthening you inhale for example. This deepens our breath.

** Breath Mastery ~ short guided breath sessions using some of the tools of Transformational Breath® to release emotions/thoughts that bind you.

As you discover how to breathe more effectively with your diaphragm you will see how you can practice a simple 100 Breaths at home every day.

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Just breathe!

Although we may not be be able to control all the elements of the environment around us, breathing  is KEY to how we manage the circumstances of our life. Becoming mindful of breathing more fully creates benefits in our day-to-day living: * more energy, better sleep, enhanced immune system, healthier heart & lungs, detoxification.

'Breathe More, Stress Less' will offer you the opportunity to reclaim your breath and even make some changes your life. Beginners welcome.


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