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Breathe More, Stress Less

Introductory Workshop on Conscious Connected Breathing

Why is breathing so important?

• Our breath is KEY to helping with stress & anxiety.

• Many of us do not use our full lung capacity.

• Different breathing exercises can both calm & energise us.


“We may not be able to change our life circumstances

but we can choose to change the way we breathe for the better.”

Just breathe!

Although we may not be be able to control all the elements of the environment around us, breathing  is KEY to how we manage the circumstances of our life. Becoming mindful of breathing more effectively creates benefits in our day-to-day living: * more energy, better sleep, enhanced immune system, healthier heart & lungs, detoxification & more.

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What is the Introductory Evening about?

Short talk, Q&A and “Easy-to-Learn” breathing exercises: 

* Box Breath ~ to de-stress your mind & body

* Coherent Breath ~ to balance the nervous system

• 100 Breaths ~ to energise yourself

* Breathing in the Classroom ~ to support children.

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