Breathe More Stress Less

Saturday 7th March ~ Exploring four elements of the breath

  * Awaken ~ become fully aware and mindful of your breathing. Anchor

your being in the Here & Now.

  * Connect ~ embrace flow in your breathing, no pauses, trusting and surrendering to your natural full body breath.

  * Receive ~ expand and open to every breath. Welcome the abundance of experiences that want to come to you.

  * Let Go ~ liberate yourself from all that has held you back up until now. Make peace with the past. Fly free!

Cost: €120/€100 concession  Time: 10am to 5pm

No previous experience necessary. The group will be limited to 8-10 people. Come in loose comfortable clothes to sit and lie down in. 

Luisne ~ situated in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow, is an elegant historical house surrounded by 40 acres of beautiful unspoilt countryside. This Centre for Well-Being welcomes people of all faiths and none, where mindfulness meditation is at the heart of the day.


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Just breathe!

Simply being mindful of your breath is key to living a fully empowered life. Come and experience the transformative power of diaphragmatic breathing. Learn a simple "100 Breaths to Joy" exercise to induce the relaxation response in your body and thus reduce stress. Be guided and facilitated in two 45-minute breathing sessions, with individual breathing analysis and body mapping (hands-on gentle pressure) to open any restrictions in your breath.

As you open to your breath, you open to your life.

Why is breathing so important?

Many of us hold restrictions in our breathing (sighing, holding our breath, shallow breathing etc...) to cope with life's challenges. Restricted or Shallow Breathing is a learned response that is often triggered by emotions such as:

Anger    Fear    Sadness    Pain     Grief


Continued over time this restricted form of breathing impacts on the mechanics of our breathing apparatus (especially our diaphragm) and so most of us are breathing "sub-optimally". Imagine breathing more fully and freely and how this would enhance your wellbeing. 'Breathe More, Stress Less' will offer you the opportunity to reclaim your breath and perhaps even change your life.

Although we may not be be able to control all the elements of the environment around us, breathing  is KEY to how we manage the circumstances of our life. Becoming mindful of breathing more fully creates benefits in our day-to-day living:

* Increased energy  * Greater relaxation response   * Calms the nerves

* Detoxifies the body   * Boosts the immune system   *  Reduces stress