The Presence Process

The Presence Process ~ A journey into present moment awareness, by acclaimed author Michael Brown, has made a large impact on people all over the world who are on the path of personal development and particularly those trained in Transformational Breath®.



"Michael Brown understands the value of the breath to bring us to the deep subconscious, and access our unprocessed past emotions, and to ultimately integrate them into a higher energy state. One of the valuable things Transformational Breath® can add to that practice is the understanding of how breathing into certain areas of the body with specific physical point holding can deepen and enhance the breathing even further."   


Extract from article: Getting Fully Present With The Presence Process

Judith Kravitz, Co-founder of Transformational Breath®

In this video, Michael Brown talks inspiringly about how his work combines

so successfully with Transformational Breath®. Simply read his book or, better yet, embark on the 10-week journey of your life...!

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Book Review: The Presence Process ~ appeared in Network Magazine 2014