Claire & Michael met in 2005 and embarked on a Tantra Training for Couples up to Level 8 in 2019. Aways passionate about the breath,

in 2013 they trained in Transformational Breath® and are now

Certified Facilitators and Senior Trainers of this beautiful work.

Now in these Covid-19 times, our breath is more important than ever.

Michael Blake

My personal breathwork journey began in the 1980s and I trained professionally in 1990s with Binnie Dansby, then Patsy Brennan, The Loving Relationships Training, Rebirthing 2000, Transformations Inc. and since 2013 Transformational Breath® becoming a Senior Trainer of this powerful modality in 2019. As a professional breath worker, I hold a loving space to empower my clients in the transformation and integration of past traumas, and the creation of ease and delight going forward in their lives.​​

Claire Haugh

My first breathwork experience was on a yoga weekend in 1995.

I began teaching Hatha Yoga in 1999, inspired by Marlene ffrench Mullen and later in 2001 by Marie Quail YTTC. In 1999, I qualified as a Registered Shiatsu Practitioner in a 4-year training in the Irish School of Shiatsu. I trained in Transformational Breath® from 2013 and am now a Senior Trainer. Today, more than ever, being conscious of my breath is a necessity for my wellbeing. My mission is to raise awareness of how our breath enhances our aliveness on all levels and ultimately enables us to be who we truly are...!

"Breath is the bridge that connects life to consciousness, uniting your body to your thoughts.

Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath to take hold of your mind again."

Thich Nhat Hanh