Michael Blake

My personal breathwork journey began in the 1980s and I trained professionally in 1990s with Binnie Dansby, followed by: Patsy Brennan, The Loving Relationships Training, Rebirthing 2000, Transformations Inc. and lately Transformational Breath® since 2013.

    I am a member of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) and a Certified Senior Trainer and Facilitator of Transformational Breath® (TBr). This powerful form of breathwork combines traditional breathwork techniques with very particular bodywork, toning and affirmations.

    I hold a loving space to empower the transformation and integration of past traumas for my clients, and the creation of ease and delight going forward in their lives.​​

​I began teaching Hatha Yoga in 1999, inspired by Belgian-born teacher Marlene ffrench Mullen and in 2001 attended Marie Quail of the YTTC. In 1999, I qualified as a Registered Shiatsu Practitioner following a 4-year training in the Irish School of Shiatsu. My personal breathwork journey began in the 1990s. I began my training in 2013 and I am now a Certified Senior Trainer and Facilitator of Transformational Breath® (TBr), as well as a member of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF).

    Being conscious of our breath is a lifelong process and my mission is to raise awareness of how our breath enhances our aliveness and well-being on all levels and ultimately enables us to express who we truly are...! 

Claire Blake

HeartSpace Sanctuary was merely a 'twinkle in the eye' when we first met in 2005.

We completed a Seven-Level Tantra Training for Couples over 4 years up to 2011 and attended Level 8 in 2019 in Corfu, all through the School of Awakening, UK. We then embarked on a joint professional journey with Transformational Breath® becoming Senior Trainers of this beautiful work in 2019.

Our voyage together as a couple continues to be an inspiring one of commitment to creating a deep and conscious relationship – each becoming who we are meant to be.

Based in Dublin we delight in venturing 'off the island' offering sessions and workshops in Transformational Breath® events home and abroad.


Embrace your passion for living and loving life