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Listen to Michael Brown talking inspiringly about how his work combines so successfully with Transformational Breath®.

What is Transformational Breath?

Transformational Breath® is a safe and effective integrative process of full conscious connected breathing using the diaphragm. It has a direct and immediate impact on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeingCo-founded by Judith Kravitz over five decades ago, this breathwork modality is currently taught in over 54 countries and in 12 languages. Judith's book Breathe More, Laugh Loudly has been translated into 8 languages.


Current research shows how even small changes to how we breathe can have a huge impact in our lives. Many of us are not breathing with the full capacity of our respiratory system. We restrict our breathing to control our emotions, which is a form of suppression and ultimately exhausting. It is a coping mechanism we adopted over time and keeps us living a restricted life. 

Are you ready to reclaim your breath and deal with life's challenges, integrating feelings, memories and past traumas ~ to live life optimally without limitations...? 

Transformational Breath® creates benefits on three levels:

Physical ~ Opening Your Breathing Pattern

Mental/Emotional ~ Integrating Your Subconscious

Spiritual ~ Accessing Higher Levels of Awareness


• Are you a shallow breather? Is your inhale shorter than your exhale?

• Do you hold your breath when you feel tense or anxious?

• Do you control your exhale? Do you find yourself sighing occasionally?   Or... 

• Does your breath reach deep into your belly and rise to fill your chest?

This is full body breathing using your diaphragm ~ with all its benefits:

  • Improved energy levels & release of physical tension in over-used muscles

  • Stimulated blood circulation & increased oxygenation

  • Boosted immune system & Reduction in stress, anxiety, insomnia...

  • Trauma Resolution

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