Breathing Circle

Next meetings ~ Tuesday Tuesday 24th March 2020

60 The Sycamore, Parkview, Belarmime, Dublin D18 DY8A


Breathing Circle is a monthly community event to which everyone is welcome.
As a global initiative there is now a worldwide network of people committed to:

• Health & healing through conscious breathwork practices

• Self-awareness & self-empowerment through transformational states

• Community meetings and workshops to raise breath awareness

Typically the Breathing Circle meets on the last Tuesday of the month. No previous experience of breathwork is required. Everyone is welcome. Just let us know...

Breathing Circles further into 2020 :  Tuesday 28th April  7pm~9.30pm   €20

followed by Tuesday 26th May & Tuesday 30th June 2020

For further information on Breathing Circle worldwide

Come and explore the power of your breath.