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With COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions, our health and wellbeing is more important than ever so I am now offering ZOOM YOGA CLASSES on Wednesday mornings and evenings.

Join in ... or ... gather some friends or work colleagues who would like to attend a Zoom class and invite me along to teach you. ** No previous experience necessary. 

I love to teach Hatha Yoga, with some Breath Awareness and The Five Elements i.e. how different yoga poses relate to meridian (energy) lines in the body.

WATER ~ gentle support for the kidneys

WOOD ~ stretches to cleanse and strengthen the liver

FIRE ~ posture for arms and shoulders to open the heart

EARTH ~ poses to nourish the stomach & spleen

METAL ~ breathing and lung strengthening postures

Divine products from India to enhance the environment for you and others


With COVID-19 and the resulting travel restrictions and social distancing, and due to the hands-on nature of this work, sadly all * Shiatsu Massage is cancelled for the time being. Stay safe...

SHIATSU is 'acupuncture without needles'. By working on meridian (energy) lines in the body while lying on your back, front or side ~ shiatsu supports your body in coming back to balance.

Shiatsu is beneficial for common ailments such as:

• Stress          • Anxiety      

• Insomnia    • Migraines       

• Sciatica        • Backache

• Neck & shoulder tension           • Menstrual/Infertility problems