Yoga, for me, is a way of increasing self awareness and  conscious personal development. ​The type of yoga I love to teach is Hatha Yoga, but with the added influence of Breath Awareness and The Five Elements – and how the different yoga poses relate to meridian (energy) lines in the body.

By breathing with awareness and blending the simple wisdom of The Five Elements in your yoga practice you can support your body through the seasons
of the year by focussing your awareness on:


• Winter  - Water - gentle support for the kidneys

• Spring - Wood - 'wake-up' stretches for the liver

• High Summer - Fire - heart opening postures

• Late Summer - Earth - poses to nourish the spleen

• Autumn - Metal - lung strengthening poses


Current Classes in 2020

Due to family circumstances at the moment I am offering yoga classes as

"House Yoga" in south county Dublin, so let me know if you would like to gather some friends during the day or evening ~ and invite me along to teach you.

You might also want to join a current House Yoga Class if space if available.

ANY AGE ~ ANY or NO previous experience ~ YOGA is for EVERYONE...