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International Breathwork Foundation (IBF)

This is a global networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the proven transformative power of conscious breathing.

Initiatives include:

* Global Inspiration Conference (GIC)

* World Breathing Day 11th April

* Conscious Breathing in the Classroom

* United Nations Workgroup

* Science & Research Workgroup

* Breathing Arts.... and more...

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Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) 

This magical "Breath Festival" week is held in a different country each year. People of all ages come to breathe, share ideas, insights and visions for the future in an environment of learning, healing and deep connection & growth. The conference is an uplifting, open-hearted, co-created gathering with many leading breathwork teachers and workshops on the power of our breath.

GIC2024 will be in HOLLAND... See you there!!

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