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International Breathwork Foundation (IBF)

This is a global networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the proven transformative power of conscious breathing.

Initiatives include:

* Global Inspiration Conference (GIC), World Breathing Day 11th April annually

* United Nations Workgroup, Science and Research Workgroup,

* Conscious Breathing in the Classroom,

* CBTR Breathing for Trauma Recovery,

* Meet2Breathe Online, Breathing Circles,

*Breathwork Development Fund.

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Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) 

This magical "Breath Festival" week is held in a different country each year. People of all ages come to breathe, share ideas, insights and visions for the future in an environment of learning, healing and deep connection & growth. The conference is an uplifting, open-hearted, co-created gathering with many leading breathwork teachers and workshops on the power of our breath.

The "Ireland" contingent grows in number each year. Eleven of us were at the GIC2022 in Germany and it was a wonderful week. Why not join us in 2023?

For more information ~ see


23rd to 30th July 2023

Brackenhurst Hotel, Limuru

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