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International Breathwork Foundation (IBF)

This is a global networking organisation for breathwork practitioners and all those interested in the proven transformative power of conscious breathing.

Annual IBF Conference... or Global Inspiration Conference (GIC)

The BREATHING APP ~ Download it here... and breathe!

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GIC2024 ~ Netherlands ~ 27th July to 2rd August ~ Join us!


This breathwork conference is a gathering of many leading breathwork teachers offering talks and workshops on the power of our breath. A Breath Festival ... where ideas are shared, insights discussed, a variety of workshops are offered. Come and network with this global community, breathe and have  lots of fun...!

Michael and Claire will be attending along with many others from Ireland. You are welcome to come and join the "Green Team" on this fantastic week.



BOOK your conference ticket now and your hotel room later, before 21st June.

Watch this YouTube video about the GIC
Click on this link!

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