What is Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® is a simple, safe and effective tool for healing. 

This dynamic breathing modality uses conscious connected breathing to enhance all aspects of your life in a manner that is complete and quite different from other forms of breathwork. It is all about re-learning how to breath using your diaphragm and facilitates the natural healing process for all forms of trauma. You become the master of your breath and your life.

Developed by Judith Kravitz, this system has been taught in over 20 countries and 10 languages for almost 40 years. It is transformative...!


Most of us only breathe with about 30% of our lung capacity. Imagine if we were to breathe more fully and freely – experiencing benefits such as:

• More Aliveness & Enhanced Energy Levels

• Stress & Anxiety Resolution

• Greater Clarity & Peace

• Enhanced Lung Capacity

• Boosting of the Immune System

• More efficient Elimination of Toxins

• Clearing of Limiting Thoughts, Beliefs & Emotional Traumas

• Deeper Meditation & Higher States of Awareness

Listen to one of our Senior Trainers talking about this powerful tool.







How can you experience Transformational Breath®?

​​​You can experience the transformative power of your breath guided by Certified Facilitators of Transformational Breath® at one of many events:

Individual Sessions, Breath Retreats, Breathing Circles, Workshops & Trainings.


What happens in a typical breath session?

•  You receive a Breathing Analysis to determine your breathing pattern. This is to see how effective your breathing is currently and how it can change for the better ~ particularly using the primary muscle for breathing ~ the diaphragm.

•  You are guided through a Transformational Breath® Session with facilitation.

This usually involves using conscious connected breathing for approx. 45 mins.

•  You experience the effective use of affirmations, toning and specific acu-pressure points to release restrictions in the musculature of your body.

•  You create, through your breath practice, the optimal environment to clear long-held emotional & mental blockages held in the body/mind.

•  You reclaim mastery of how to breathe fully and freely ~ resolving stress and anxiety, creating energy, aliveness, clarity and joy on all levels of your being.


Why is breath awareness so important?

• Are you a shallow breather? Is your inhale shorter than your exhale?

• Do you hold your breath when you feel tense or anxious?

• Do you control your exhale? Do you find yourself sighing occasionally?

• Or... does your breath reach deep into your belly and rise to fill your chest?

This is full body breathing using your diaphragm. Now, continue to breathe...

This is the first step – becoming mindful of your breath in each moment.

Now you are ready.... to master your breath and how you live your life.

Transformational Breath® ~ The Training Path

Once you have realised the transformative power of conscious connected breathing you may wish to dive deeper in your own Personal Development or even become a Certified Facilitator or Trainer of this beautiful modality.

• Personal Journey Seminar ~ Levels 1, 2 and 3... to deepen your own practice

• Professional Training ~ Levels 4A and 4B... to become a facilitator

• Presenter Training ~ Level 5... to deliver workshops and trainings to groups

For more... www.transformationalbreathing.com