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Individual Breath Sessions ~ 2023


Although we cannot control all the elements of the environment around us, conscious breathing  is KEY to how we manage life's challenges.

Benefits of Transformational Breath®

* Increased energy  * Greater relaxation response   * Calms the nerves

* Detoxifies the body   * Boosts the immune system   *  Reduces stress

* Integrates trauma  * Relaxes secondary muscles not needed for breathing


Why is breathing so important?

Many of us don’t breathe to our full lung capacity, which limits our health, energy and quality of life. We unknowingly restrict our breathing to block unwanted emotions. This sub-optimal way of breathing began as a coping mechanism when we were young and often triggered by emotions such as:

Anger    Fear    Sadness    Pain     Grief


Continued over time these restricted forms of breathing impact health and we can feel tired,  low in energy & vitality, or suffer from digestive or circulatory issues as well as stress, anxiety, poor sleep and other health conditions.


What does a typical Breath Session consist of...?

* Breathing Analysis ~ to assess where the breath is moving freely in your body and where there are restrictions in your breathing apparatus.

* Step-by-step guidance on how to engage with conscious connected breathing using your diaphragm (the primary muscle for breathing).

* Body Mapping ~ use of gentle hands-on to release tension in non-essential muscles, e.g. in the shoulders or back or any other muscles under tension.

* Vocal Sound & Movement ~ to release any build-up or energy or emotion and take you forward in the session ~ supporting full integration of issues you meet.

* Typical sessions are between 90 minutes and 2 hours during which time you will receive facilitated 45-minute to 1 hour breathing session.

* The way we breathe is a metaphor for the way we approach life's challenges so by changing & optimising the way we breathe, we change the way we live.

Individual sessions available Online and In-Person

Claire is offering Online sessions and both Claire & Michael are available for
in-person sessions in South County Dublin as well as in Ferns, Co. Wexford

Contact Claire or Michael at


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