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Personal Journey Seminar (Levels 1, 2 &3)

PORTUGAL (venue to be confirmed)

Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th OCTOBER 2023

Join us for six days of life-changing personal growth as you experience the benefits of this Transformational Breath® Seminar (Levels 1, 2 & 3)

Transformational Breath® Senior Trainers Claire & Michael Blake & Organiser and Co-Trainer Elizabeth Thomas and facilitators will guide you through this powerful week ~ exploring  the benefits of conscious connected breathing using a full diaphragmatic breath. As you open to your breath, you open to your life.


Cost: Full Tuition Fee €1400 (Payment Plan available on application)

EARLY BIRD: €1200 ~ if €400 deposit paid by 15th August

Repeating participants Discount Tuition Fee €900

NOTE: We recommend you experience "in person" at least one individual session of Transformational Breath® with a Certified Facilitator before attending this Seminar.

Course Content:

  • Twice-daily facilitated group breathwork sessions - approx I hour

  • Daily "100 Breath" mini-sessions with facilitation - approx 15-20 mins

  • Variety of exercises and processes to support self-exploration

  • A deep understanding of Breathing Analysis and your own Breathing Pattern

  • Learning techniques for Self-Sessions including hands-on Body Mapping


Quinta Room2.jpeg

Transformational Breath® ~ Personal Journey Seminar ~ is a deep process that takes each participant gently through the "Three Levels" 

Level 1 ~ Open and optimise your breathing apparatus

* Feel more energised, boost your immune system, sleep deeper 


Level 2 ~ Access your unconscious and integrate unresolved issues 

* Feel emotionally balanced, reduce stress, achieve mental clarity


Level 3 ~ Connect to your inner guidance

* Deepen your meditation & Access higher states of awareness

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