Seminar ~ Six day personal training

Part A    ~  Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd November 2019

Part B   ~  Friday 8th to Sunday 10th November 2019

Slí na Bandé, Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow         

This in-depth Personal Journey Seminar offers you a safe and powerful space for creating amazing shifts in your own energy, health, immune system and resilience ~ on the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels.

Gift yourself this life-enhancing immersion into Transformational Breath®.

* Discover the power of conscious connected breathing using your diaphragm ~ and take charge of your life forever...

* Experience the benefits on individual Breathing Analysis

* Explore the tools of Body MappingToning & Movement, Tibetan 5 Rites

* Discover the self-empowering exercise of Byron Katie's "The Work"

* Clear those long-held and self-limiting thoughts and emotions that hold you back from who you truly are ~ the real YOU.

* Make peace with the past and go forward in your life ~ flourishing!

Physical ~ Level 1 ~ Open and optimise your breathing apparatus

* Feel more energised, boost your immune system, sleep deeper


Mental/Emotional ~ Level 2 ~ Access your unconscious

and integrate unresolved issues that affect your health and wellbeing

* Feel emotionally balanced, reduce stress, achieve mental clarity


Spiritual ~ Level 3 ~ Connect to your inner guidance

Deepen your meditation & Access higher states of awareness

* Feel the potential within, dare to dream & manifest your desires

Slí na Bandé is a sustainable living project in Co. Wicklow, just one hour from Dublin and easily accessed. This eco-centre is surrounded by nature and woodland.
A delicious vegetarian lunch will be available for participants.

Cost: Six-day Personal Journey Training, incl. manual ~ €1,200 course fee

Early Bird: €1,100 if €350 deposit paid before Friday 13th September 2019

Full Board €170 twin share per weekend. Single Supplement €100 per weekend.

This is a residential retreat of 6 days, spread over two consecutive weekends.

Start 12pm for Lunch 1pm Friday 1st and again Friday 3rd November.

Finish 5pm Sunday 3rd and 4pm Sunday 10th November.