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BOOST your BREATH and your BLISS

Thursday 2nd July, 2015    8pm to 10pm

Buddha Bag Meeting, Lantern Centre, Synge Street, Dublin 8

Admission on the door   €15

Many thanks to all who came along to the Buddha Bag Meeting


We were delighted to present the insightful tool of Breathing Analysis – a unique feature of Transformational Breath®.


This evening was designed to give everyone the oppotunity to discover how the ‘breathing pattern’ each of us currently exhibits is a metaphor for the way we each approach life and is a product of all those times in the past when we restricted our breathing pattern in order not to feel pain.


By reclaiming our breath and consciously breathing fully and freely with our diaphragm, our breathing pattern can become more open – thus increasing our lung capacity, giving us more aliveness, raising our energy, as well as affording us mental & emotional clarity, greater compassion and a deeper connection to others and to our spirit.



Restricted or shallow breathing is a learned response that is triggered by emotions such as:

° Anger  °  Fear  ° Sadness  ° Pain  ° Stress

Continued over time, our restricted breathing pattern impacts on our general health and well-being. Although we may not be able to control all the elements of the environment around us, we can learn new and better ways to respond. Awareness of our breathing is KEY to how we manage the circumstances of our life. Becoming mindful of breathing fully creates many benefits in our day-to-day living:


*Increases energy    *Resolves stress   *Calms the nerves

*Detoxifies the body     *Promotes restful sleep

*Changes addictive patterns     *Strengthens heart & lungs 



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