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This experiential and inspiring two-day workshop offers you an introduction to the three levels of Transformational Breath®:


Physical ~ Level 1 ~ Open and optimise your breathing apparatus


Mental/Emotional ~ Level 2 ~ Access your unconscious & integrate unresolved issues that affect your health and wellbeing


Spiritual ~ Level 3 ~ Connect to your inner guidance

Deepen your meditation & Access higher states of awareness


• Introduction to this transformative breathing modality

• Twice-daily 45-minute Breath Sessions

• Tools and teaching on how to 'breathe' at home


Friday 26th to Sunday 28th AUGUST 2022

Mulvarra House, St Mullins, Carlow

Reclaim Your Breath™ (RYB) workshop introduces you to insightful tools of Transformational Breath® such as: 

•  Breathing Analysis to determine how you are breathing and to see how you can breathe more efficiently and effectively.

•  Body Mapping "hands-on" to clear restrictions held in your muscles.

•  Toning & Movement, Affirmations, Invocations, 100 Breaths to Joy & more...

Many of us don’t breathe to our full capacity, which limits our health, energy and quality of life. We unknowingly restrict our breathing in an effort  to block unwanted feelings such as fear, anger and grief. As you open to full-body breathing using your diaphragm, you can safely and effectively integrate mental & emotional issues held in your unconscious ~ wellbeing on all levels.

The benefits of conscious connected breathing include:

* Increased energy levels  * Boosted immunity  * Stress resolution

* Improved  sleep   * Mental clarity  * More peace and joy

Dinner 8pm Friday. 9.00~6pm Saturday. 9.00~5pm Sunday

Course Cost: €380   Early Bird €350  Details available on request.

Residential: Full Board Residential Weekend. Room Rates vary.

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