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The Presence Process ~ Week 1 ~ started on Monday 29th May

We invite travelling companions on this journey ~ buy the book and read the “Introduction” (which will take time!!) The we will create a WhatsApp group you are welcome to join. Contact us...


NOTE: The group will simple be a platform to remind us of the Week and the Presence Activating Statement. Michael Brown discourages any facilitating or guiding and invites everyone to be the witness of their own process.

Benefits of this 10-week journey 

* Simple Presence Moment Statements to work with each week for example: Week 1 "This Moment Matters"

* Awareness of being in the present  Here & Now

* Ability to "respond" to situations rather than "react" 

* Twice-daily 15 minute Breathing Practice using a simple balanced breath with the words I Am Here Now

* Reduce stress by strengthening our emotional resilience

* Facilitate mental & emotional integration


The Presence Process ~ by Michael Brown

A Journey into Present Moment Awareness


Why embark on this BOOK and its 10-week process?

Michael Brown asks us to ponder our own motivation to step on this path:

"to take responsibility for integrating our emotional blockages" and "grow up"

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