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Presence of Breath™

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 2023

The Rookery, Leeds, UK ~ Non Residential

This dynamic weekend combines TWO powerful modalities:

... from its co-founder Judith Kravitz ~ the art and science of Transformational Breath®


... from the author Michael Brown ~ the profound wisdom of 

The Presence Process

Twice-daily "100 Breaths" to energise your body-mind

• Twice-daily 45-minute Facilitated Breath Sessions

• Tools and teaching on how to 'breathe' at home


Presence of Breath™ (POB) workshop will you give you an understanding of Michael Brown's book The Presence Process with its 10-week do-it-yourself Mental & Emotional Integration Journey ~ empowering readers worldwide.

This wisdom PLUS Transformational Breath® ~ with its Breathing Analysis, Body Mapping and facilitated breath sessions will be life changing for you.

* Increased energy levels  * Boosted immunity  * Stress resolution

* Improved  sleep   * Mental clarity  * More peace and joy

Why is breathing so important? We unknowingly restrict our breathing in an effort to block unwanted feelings such as fear, anger and grief. As you open to full-body diaphragmatic breathing, you can safely and effectively integrate and clear mental & emotional issues long-held in your unconscious. 

Note: We recommend participants read Chapter 1 of The Presence Process prior to attending this workshop. Better yet, embark on the 10-week process presented in the book after the workshop. We will be doing it too...!

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POB™ is a perfect way to explore and experience Transformational Breath

and you may decide to attend the more intensive 6-day Seminar later on.

20% Discount on Tuition Fee ~ All Inclusive Price of £295

Yummy Lunch & Snacks will be provided by The Rookery on both days.

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