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Presence of Breath™

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 2023

The Rookery, Leeds, UK ~ Non Residential

This weekend combines TWO powerful modalities:

... from its co-founder Judith Kravitz ~ the art and science of Transformational Breath®


... from the author Michael Brown ~ the profound wisdom of 

The Presence Process

Twice-daily "100 Breaths" to energise your body-mind

• Twice-daily 45-minute Facilitated Breath Sessions

• Tools and teaching on how to 'breathe' at home


Presence of Breath™ (POB) workshop will you give you an understanding or Michael Brown's book The Presence Process. This 10-week process involves a journey of Mental & Emotional Integration. This wisdom PLUS sessions of Transformational Breath® ~ with its Breathing Analysis, Body Mapping and hands-on facilitation ~ will be life changing for you. Benefits include:

* Increased energy levels  * Boosted immunity  * Stress resolution

* Improved  sleep   * Mental clarity  * More peace & joy

Why is breathing so important? We unknowingly restrict our breathing in an effort to block unwanted feelings such as fear, anger and grief. As you open to full-body diaphragmatic breathing, you can safely and effectively integrate and clear mental & emotional issues long-held in your unconscious. 

Note: We recommend participants read Chapter 1 of The Presence Process prior to attending this workshop. Better yet, embark on the 10-week process presented in the book after the workshop. We will be doing it too...!

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POB™ is a perfect way to explore and experience Transformational Breath and you may decide to attend the more intensive 6-day Seminar later on.

20% Discount on Tuition Fee ~ All Inclusive Price £295

Yummy Lunch & Snacks will be provided by The Rookery on both days.

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