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"Split" Seminar 

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 2023

& Friday 26th to Monday 29th May 2023

The Rookery, Leeds, UK

A gift to yourself ~ Personal Journey Seminar in Transformational Breath®.

Discover the power of conscious connected breathing using your diphragm. Explore how Transformational Breath® is quite different to other forms of breathwork. Experience in fully facilitated breath sessions how unique and powerful tools such as Breathing Analysis and Body Mapping, as well as sound & movement can open your breath... and open you to your life.


Why is breathing so important?

    • Many of us are breathing sub-optimally…  Why?

    • We restrict our breathing as a way to control our emotions, to feel less...

    • It is a coping mechanism we have adopted over time

    • It minimises our potential ~ and keeps us living a restricted life


All Welcome. No experience necessary.


This week has been very intense, breathing practices that allowed me to access unexplored territories of myself and my past, to reveal many things to me... My inner child was finally able to express herself and received tons of love, a gift that is priceless."   Sandra, November 2022

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It was an unexpected experience - connecting to your deep being through breathing - letting go of your traumas. Emotional pain releases up and comes to the surface. The presence of the staff "facilitating" this release is remarkable and valuable. A climate of trust was created, which is indispensable and essential to our transformation. 

Halima, November 2022

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