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Mind Body Spirit ~ 18th to 20th March 2016


As the only Facilitators and Co-Trainers of Transformational Breath® living and working in the South of Ireland – we will once more be presenting Transformational Breath® at the RDS Mind Body Spirit 2016 at Stand 131.


Free Talk Friday 18th March 4pm ~ Landsdowne Room (Upstairs)

Observe a Breathing Analysis Demonstration and enjoy the oppotunity to experience the benefits of 100 Breaths using your diaphragm. Be inspired...!


Individual Breathing Analysis/100 Breath Session ~ daily @ Stand 131

This 20 minute session will offer you a firsthand experience of the power of your breath ~ discover exactly where you hold restrictions in your breathing.


Early Bird  Opportunity for upcoming "Reclaim Your Breath" in April

Sign up for this 2-day Workshop and benefit from a €50 Discount.

Workshop runs Sat 16th & Sun 17th April 9am–6pm, Emmaus, Swords.



** Books and CDs to inform & guide you with your breath

** Natural Cotton Therapy Mattresses

** Professional Meditation BackJacks

(For more information, see our Products page on this website.

Special Offers: ORDER NOW & COLLECT @ Stand 131


We look forward to seeing you at Mind Body Spirit 2016.....!


And remember – being MINDFUL of our breath we can do anything.

As we open to our breath, we open to our life – and who we truly are.


Breathing Bliss at the Mind Body Spirit with Transforamtional Breath Facilitators Michael Blake and Claire Haugh of HeartSpace Sanctuary



  What is Breathing Analysis?

This "hands on" exploration begins a Transformational Breath® Session. A unique tool, it offers feedback on your breathing pattern showing where the breath is moving and where it needs to go.

When areas of muscular tension are released and you breathe fully with your diaphragm, you will experience profound benefits

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. For example:

• greater lung capacity, more energy, boosted immune system

• reduced stress, integration of long-held feelings & emotions

• clarity of mind so you can go forward in your life

• access to higher levels of awareness and who you truly are.


As You Breathe ~ So Shall You Live

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